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tv   Headline News  RT  July 4, 2013 2:00am-2:30am EDT

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why you should care. revolution in egypt is the army overthrows the country's first democratically elected leader mohammed morsi. exploding in celebration. just lead to more deaths. and act nothing less than a kidnapping. and alternative currency bitcoin major financial figures from the world of big business looking for an alternative to traditional cash.
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a very good morning to you from all of us here at r t moscow. live in the russian capital with your worldwide headlines it is back to the revolution drawing board for egypt moved in and toppled the country's islamist president after just one year mohamed morsi is under arrest along with other members of the muslim brotherhood some described as a coup has been hailed by. islamist protest in cairo's tahrir square but fear is confrontations between supporters and opponents of the deposed leader claimed up to fourteen lives overnight details from the capital now. well we've received reports that security official say that the deposed president morsi and his entire presidential team are being held at a military intelligence facility this does follow a statement that was when least from most he's office in which he said that he considered this him if he could arrest warrants have been issued for some three
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hundred members of the muslim brotherhood the head of the president's political party be justin's and freedom has already been a wasted as has the deputy chief of the brotherhood all of this coming as al-jazeera with egypt chambord cost has been taken off if now those offices here in cairo it was only awaited if these five members of staff were wasted all media off its associated with the muslim brotherhood have gone black or have been closed down by the military be on the is making its advances to off the streets of cairo or the situation here is extremely fluid as you can well imagine we are also hearing from egypt should security officials that there are at least fifty tanks that have been deployed to the border with this also the situation one a town not only inside egypt but also on the border is all of this comes as the american president barack obama remarks to what is happening here in a written statement he also did and with view of the implications of military
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intervention on a u.s. aid upon the saying that he is deeply concerned about what is happening here and at the same time coaching a swift return to a democratically elected civilian government obama has always said though that he prefers a foreign policy of consultation and not intervention but he is offering for a measured approach in terms of how to deal with the situation here america has ordered the evacuation of its embassy it has also issued a travel advisory and it is urged the army not to carry out any kind of arbitrary attacks at the same time amnesty international has pulled off the prices and the revenge attacks and as you hear behind me the mood remains one. of jubilance all of this however against a backdrop of a deeply divided and dangerous egypt. r.t. correspondent paula slay reporting there now we did have a chance to speak to former u.s. diplomat john graham he believes that egypt's future is up in the air and deep
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divisions within society could just see the second revolution cause the nation to crumble. the question now is whether it works he's supporters even though the army seems to have cast their hand. will start a civil war that would be in many ways going up against the army so fewer hours a few more days should be clear but right now it's total chaos and there's more players as well you see. mubarak supporters there are sort of in the background but they're waiting opportunistically for for a moment perhaps to to gain something of a say you've got. the christians the cops who are not anti muslim but nonetheless they're not muslim as either so you've got a lot of different players. on the on the on the secular side you have not one party or two perhaps a dozen or maybe fifteen different parties none of whom agree totally with each
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other so you that's where the chaos comes from. now here at r.t. we always love it when you get involved with stories and today the big question on our website all t. daughter call me is ultimately what's next for egypt now that the military has taken control for the second time in just two years on the website called we are gauging your reactions let's bring up the numbers here from the web site and see how they are fluctuating for this hour and they are changing gone by the minute indeed though the vast majority fifty six percent saying well the army will will try to do its best to administer the country until there's a bit of peace and calm and quiet and they can get some fresh elections to be held roughly though about a quarter bit less optimistic saying that coming to an agreement has unlikely the country will only descend into chaos and then we have back down let's just go to the bare minimum here three percent there was one percent from last hour saying that well the morsy in the muslim brotherhood. but they're not broken and they could try and make some sort of comeback where we still gauging your pulse and
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getting your opinion on this at all if he thought to call them bear in mind if you disagree with any of the options here just to share your opinion in the comments section. well the the former atomic agency chief and nobel laureate mohamed el baradei he appears to be at the political forefront now the rule of the muslim brotherhood is being brought to an end. and writer paul rick she believes that his candidacy is being actively promoted by the u.s. and that it's not a good sign. americans a lot of money overseas has south american. president then over president obama answers and it was even in new york times article two thousand and seven talking about would be his replacement and his two thousand and eight there are young egyptians come to america go to the state department and he took the time and lisa weiss the other is to learn how to use modern technology to
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start an uprising in egypt so this uprising from the very start was aided by the united states and one of the favorite horses in the race has been and continues to be mohamed el baradei and he's the one who actually met with the military to remove morsi it but i think it's bad for any country when somebody is help from the outside from forces without to help bring that person to power then that person will automatically turn into a puppet their concern will not be what is good for the country they're concerned is their ambition and that is always dangerous whether they're my dress or fundamentalists it doesn't matter it should be an egyptian decision. to have a look right here this is i'm going to footage upload on the web the exact moment when ousted president morsi was detained he's being put under house arrest among with his political allies. and if you
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missed anything don't hesitate to check out our live updates on how the egyptian coup started and proceeded at all to dot com analysis images from the iconic serous square all lined up for you there right now. for the meantime france has become the first of four european states to apologize for denying airspace to a jet carrying the bolivian president about star little. temper latin american fury leaders equating the act to a kidnapping and the president's plane was forced to land in reportedly searched over rumors that whistleblower edward snowden was aboard let's not cross live. for more on this right now good morning to you alexy as far as i understand the bolivian leader has now returned home. well indeed he has we know that ever more or less has landed in bolivia but this was one flights would hardly ever forget now he was on his way from moscow through
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a crossing through europe when several european countries including france spain and portugal reportedly denied his ability in air force one airspace and he just couldn't pass their territory this according to bolivian foreign ministry put the president's life in danger because his plane was running out of fuel and desperately needed to refuel on the ground so eventually evermore alice landed in vienna and have to spend twelve hours in vienna airport and the more concerning news about this stay was that he is plane was reportedly searched by the austrian authorities which according to the ability of diplomats is a gross violation of international law and the breach of presidential immunity now he has safely landed of course and believe in the question is what we will see next because the outrage coming from the latin american countries regarding this incident is huge now we've been hearing. different sorts of rhetoric on them on the matter some of the politicians in latin america saying that this was
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a gross act of disrespect to the whole of latin america the bolivian diplomats the foreign minister actually equated this incident to and a kidnapping attempt believing that the president's life was in danger let's listen to some of the reaction coming from believe him diplomats. is an unprecedented situation or this goes against international conventions and treaties this goes against international law. that has been established over a long period of time in the shows disrespect for other countries independence some . of the countries involved in hijacking president morales is clean and making a mistake they think that others steal attack invade territory impose embargoes and go back in the room would just like they do the current policy of the usa and their allies in nato aims that ensuring their rule security at the expense of somebody
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else's. it's worth mentioning that most of the latin american countries are unanimous in their criticism of this whole situation and we know that they have called on an emergency which is the organization uniting the like american countries and the mergence of summits to be held on thursday to discuss their next steps meanwhile we understand that most of their criticism is directed towards the united states the united states which never made secret of their actions in this case because some of the officials in washington have already revealed that they had warned the european countries of dangerous and threats of allowing the fugitive see a former cia employee flying over their territory but also some rather great share of criticism is directed towards europe from the latin america saying that meanwhile while europe is criticizing what snowden has revealed still in this case it acted like a call in the of the united states as some as one of the latin american diplomats
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has noted but clearly while edward snowden is still reportedly remaining in moscow . airport this saga isn't far from over and we'll probably see some more crazy twists and twists and turns to the story you know no surprise there not to use a lectureship thank you all of the united states has admitted it has contacted a range of nations and parting on them the dangers of allowing edward snowden to pass through. attorney and author she says the e.u.'s action showed clearly where its priorities are lying. despite the fact that the united states basically is demeaning those european nations and violating their own rights and treating them as second class citizens at the same time they do share these collective military and economic interests and so i think that a lot of the response mainly from some of these european countries heads of states condemning these actions of the united states and calling for further investigation
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was mainly merely to satisfy their their constituents and their people and it's not something that they're really going to follow up and we see that played out in the case of ever more dollars as airplane i mean these same european countries that were just criticizing the united states for this espionage program they were willing to act on u.s. instructions to violate the rights of this latin american leader so i think we see clearly there the double standard and hypocrisy and what is being said virtually out of the governments of the european union and what actually they're doing in reality and in reality they are just going along with the us agenda. the unprecedented interception is drawing shoot criticism from the global media especially on social networks earlier my colleague bill doherty got reaction inside from an eastern hour at all to stop across the state department so they wouldn't comment on it they did the closest thing they did to do to comment saying is that
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saying that. there is no reaction so far or any kind of understanding of how the obama administration would react if snowden left the moscow airport is a little bit embarrassing if the us did. asked for that plane to be diverted because they suspected snowden was on board and he clearly wasn't going to be questions asked why did there's a lot of people that don't think they asked for it that they demanded it and let's not forget that just on monday there was this revelation that the u.s. was spying on their number one ally europe but now we're not hearing anything about that it's almost to the right and. more being. from the europeans perspective it's a bit ironic isn't it bring about all the anger the e.u. has over the u.s. over its allegations of spying but it was that case they were helping the u.s. out and closed their respects to that jet that they're helping in effect snowden to because of the u.s. it doesn't make sense as it well i think. it makes perfect sense from one point to you that makes perfect sense if you're willing to believe that. there's
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a group of people operating behind the scenes who are who are putting political pressure on people that's not in the public eye. and it's the kind of pressure that blowers tend to expose in fact and it's very much the kind of political tactics that snowden. what sort of political pressure we're talking about with the u.s. because of course there's all this talk about the trade free trade agreement sure well i think as far as what kind of direct pressure has been put on anybody. we're in the realm of speculation it's very hard to say however we could look closely at how the europeans have reacted and look at let's say some of the righteous indignation that's come out of the european side i think francois hollande has probably led the european indignation despite the clear claims that from the bolivian side that the french were complicit in at least complicit in refusing. to pass which. is in a sticky position because he's trying to play politics at the moment his cabinet
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has been weak. we do apologize some technical glitches. with the program us president barack obama has long claimed that attack. however an expert on the pilotless planes said they killed ten times more civilians than that of fighter jets all those figures still to come for you just a bit later in the program here on nazi. questions for people in positions of power instead of speak on their behalf and that's why you can find larry king now right here on our question more.
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mission. couldn't take three days for three arrangement three. three. three. three broadcast quality video for your media projects a free media. he .
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thank you for joining us here on out see the american drone strikes could be responsible for ten times more civilian deaths than conventional weapons according to one u.s. expert but barack obama who has taken the deadly technology under his wing still maintains that the best way to go. reports but it's no secret that drones are becoming the military's aircraft of choice we've been told they're more efficient and precise than fighter jets but a recent study says otherwise the study was conducted by larry lewis
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a research scientist for the center of naval analysis lewis took a close look at the number of air strikes in afghanistan during mid two thousand and ten and mid two thousand and eleven he got the figures using classified military information and what he found was that drone strikes were ten times more deadly to civilians than traditional manned aircraft now these findings seem to be at odds with what we've heard from government leaders back in may president obama touted the benefits of drone warfare as i've already said even small special operations carry enormous risks. conventional airpower missiles are for less precise than brooch. and there are likely to cause more civilian casualties and more local outrage. other high level government leaders have claimed the benefits of drones long before president obama addressed the issue of civilian casualties in drone warfare here's john brennan back in april of two thousand and twelve at the time he was an assistant to the president for
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national security and counterterrorism we conduct targeted strikes because they are necessary to mitigate actual ongoing threat to stop plots prevent future attacks and to save american lives but quantifiable data are proving this has been scarce due to the secrecy of the drone program exact figures of drone strikes were not disclosed in the latest study because that information is classified but it calls into question just how much more precise drones really are compared to man their planes the researchers that conducted this study have an idea they told the guardian quote these findings show us that it's not about the technology it's about how the technology is used drone darn magically better at avoiding civilians than fighter jets when pilots flying jets were given clear directives in training on civilian protection they were able to lower civilian
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casualty rates also important to note the latest study only takes into account civilian deaths in afghanistan and places like yemen and pakistan it's harder to obtain figures on the number of deaths because the only way to get data is from the drones themselves so as the drone debate comes into that the national spotlight this study points out that the benefits of drone technology and training of drone pilots should be included in that debate in washington lives of all our t.v. . and we're coming to you live from moscow as the alternative cyber currency bitcoin is inspiring some serious financial players to open it up to the world of big investment the winklevoss twins known for suing facebook founder mark zuckerberg for allegedly stealing this social network idea planning to float a bit going trust people be massive. bitcoin the peer to peer electronic cash and alternative to traditional currencies has had its fair share of
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controversies as his introduction four years ago and it's now being backed by the infamous facebook suing twins tyler and cameron winklevoss if the proposal for a big coin trust fund is given the go ahead by the securities and exchange commission the twins will contribute their own ten million dollars worth of big coins into the trust in each age of shares in the virtual currency because it was created in two thousand and nine by an anonymous web developer and can be exchanged for other currencies and used to pay for goods and services but it doesn't exist in physical form now the big coin is seen by its users as an alternative to traditional currencies especially during the euro zone sovereign debt crisis as more people began distrusting the central banks but leverage point has been linked to money laundering and accusations of drug smuggling which has made the value of the big extremely volatile since the start of the year rising from thirteen dollars in january to a peak of two hundred sixty six dollars in april and right now it sits at around
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ninety dollars now their release is also tightly controlled mimicking a central banking systems control over the minting of money which means there can only ever be twenty one million created right now there's around eleven million is circulation this factor has led to some to speculate that their value may rise in the face but few between the wing cost thousands of miles like a bug was protected in the twenty to movie the social network eventually resulted in a sixty five million dollars settlement so i wonder if they'll be updating their facebook status with their bit corny venture i think not. a multi million u.s. dollars cash injection to make pacing money into big point even easier opening up to more mainstream investors possibly but as artie's maria port meyer found in new york the rebel currency still has a strong grass for over those drawn to its anti establishment charm. it's happy
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hour in midtown manhattan dozens of bars are filled with after work crowds but here at ever. is where you'll find the big apple's expanding community of because investors think if you think it's the first new york city establishment to accept the digital currency a monetary system free from government and bank control as well as credit card processing fees i'd rather everyone pay with the coin than i would with a credit card twenty three year old charlie shrem is co owner of ever and founder of big instant one of the first big queen payment processing companies when i first came into the big space. i was the only person new york city had heard even heard of the coin i was left out of every v.c. firm in the city and now fast forward to two years there are so many startups that
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i start meet ups we're all friends with each other there's kind of like a culture as i'm referring to here i'm good how you build a culture of young financially savvy new yorkers determined to build an unregulated financial system i'll buy a big corner and hold on i'm going to big josh rossi hosts a weekly big queen meeting in union square where people can buy and sell the digital coins gathering data tracks even hedge fund and high frequency traders you can finally opt out of a system that you don't agree with like bernanke you can keep printing as much money as he wants because news is are in effect we're holding declines it only makes our big points worth more dollars it's a natural hedge against inflation in a city that serves as the global headquarters for most of the world's largest banks the big white economy is slowly being embraced by respectable businesses domino's pizza the howard johnson hotel chain and a new york based limo service now accept the digital currency fair to say that new
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yorkers are able to eat sleep and commute. without spending a dollar online popular sites like reddit and ok cupid accept to be queen cars furniture and tech gadgets have been put up for sale on the trading website craigslist with dollars or digital coins equally accepted and for the anti prism privacy defenders the big b. will soon have purchased power with these burner phones which feature disposable numbers many economists remain skeptical of the long term stability of a currency that lacks backing from a single government but not a problem for big queen believers if they were complete with the monetary system if they felt it was there then they wouldn't be looking for an option like the point so you see already the loss of confidence the loss of commitment it's a sign of where this society is going the u.s. government though isn't too happy with the coins popularity it recently shut down our virtual exchange system for the currency claiming it was
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a money laundering platform i think we've had one hundred years now of what the u.s. government can do when it gets to manipulate a currency and a lot of people are kind of tired of that and they want to expose experiment in a space where you can't manipulate a currency just what would that even mean for money and i think that's why a lot of people are really interested in the space growing enthusiasm for an invisible currency presented to rival the printed greenback marina port i.r.t. new york and in just a moment i'll be martin breaking the set. as a person who lives in russia i get asked very often why automatic console fat well are americans actually fat or is this just a myth from some hater countries the centers for disease control have declared obesity to be a disease that's
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a twenty point nine percent of adult americans are obese and that is an all time high people blame the sedentary lifestyle as the cause yes if you were out all day at work and then all evening after driving home sure doesn't help your waistline but problems can have multiple causes and the authors of the book rich food poor food believe it could be tied to eight foods that are allowed in america but are banned in many other countries across the globe some of these chemicals and techniques and foods that are banned by some other countries are a less strong which is in many snack products which lower scale worries but kills your body's ability to absorb minerals brought native flour which saves tons of time for the baker but beats up your internal organs and of course our good old friend synthetic growth hormones which are in livestock which have been linked to cancer big problems really have simple solutions you can run around and exercise as much as you like but if you're being pumped full of these chemicals that are illegal in much of the world well your chances of fitting into that bathing suit
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are ironically slim but that's just my opinion. to live on one hundred thirty three bucks a month before i should try it because you know how fabulous. i mean. i guess i just really messed up. really so closely. worst. night out of the day the radio guy and for a minute make. a good joke if you've never seen anything like this i'm telling. you guys i'm having my.